Our bespoke solutions are targeted to large organizations who require proffessional internally or externally.

TrainingHeights have a tested and proven methodology that focuses on providing the best possible training materials to match all requirements.

There are obvious benefits for a bespoke training solution in terms of user engagement and involvement, but the return on investment can be huge too because there's no need to renew licenses or shell out for classroom training!.

Our 5 Stage Bespoke Solution Methodology

Our bespoke methodology consists of a five stage process with each key milestone designed to deliver the best possible outcome for your organization.

  • Stage 1: Initiation & Planning - We hold a workshop with key stakeholders within your organization to identify the Objectives, Roles, Purpose, and Scope.

  • Stage 2: Specification & Prototype - Based on the project specification generated from stage 1, we work with you to produce a working prototype and a high-level specification of requirements.

  • Stage 3: Storyboards & Scripts - We work with subject matter experts to produce storyboards and scripts for the course as well as any additional video/audio content required.

  • Stage 4: Production - A fully transparent production cycle process finishing with an Alpha product and review. Feedback is then taken and implemented into a Beta release.

  • Stage 5: Delivery - We can either host your bespoke course(s) on your very own branded LMS, or we can provide you with the raw files and SCORM package for you to host yourself. We also offer a continuous level of updates, maintenance, testing, and supprt.