M_o_R® Practitioner imahes

Adopting the M_o_R approach will enable organizations to meet the risk elements of the UK Financial Reporting Council’s Combined Code on Corporate Governance, as it defines the essential building blocks to establish, develop and embed risk management as a corporate process.

Course Overview

Course Overview

About The Course

The M_o_R Practitioner course has been designed to provide delegates with the opportunity to practice the practical application of the M_o_R method and covers the twelve M_o_R principles; Approach, Process and the basic techniques essential to managing risks using the M_o_R guidance. It will allow delegates to attempt a number of OTE style questions both in groups and individually. M_o_R covers a wide range of topics, including business continuity management, security, project / programme risk management and operational service management.

This is a two day course leading to the M_o_R Practitioner exam on the second day.

Candidates will ideally have an understanding of Risk Management. Those wishing to take the M_o_R Practitioner examination must already hold the Foundation exam certificate.

Course Syllabus

The course gives the delegates an opportunity to practice Practitioner style questions in preparation for the Practitioner paper by integrating the following:

  • TrainingHeights unique ‘Preparing for the M_o_R Practitioner examination’ workbook
  • A review of the entire M_o_R approach
  • ayndicate and individual scenario based exercises

Target Audience

The course will be of benefit to all levels of management including:

  • Corporate Managers – responsible for corporate governance and the organizations overall exposure to risk.
  • Programme Managers – responsible for risk relating to specific programmes.
  • Project Managers – responsible for managing risk in projects.
  • Operational Managers – responsible for risks that affect the on-going continuity of business services.
  • All other personnel who have an interest or responsibility for the Management of Risk within their organization


Open book paper (Only the M_o_R guidance book and part A of the ABC guidance is allowed)

  • Four questions
  • Three hours duration
  • 80 marks available
  • 50% pass mark (40/80)