ISO 9001:2015 pecb

Who should Apply?

The objective of the “PECB Certified ISO 9001:2015 Transition” examination is to ensure that the candidate acquires the necessary knowledge to support an organization in their process of transitioning to ISO 9001:2015. Participants will learn the different components on how to plan and implement the transition to the new version of the standard. Moreover, the training course will also explore on the time frame of implementation and the influence on current processes.

Content of the exam

The “PECB Certified ISO 9001:2015 Transition” exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination Certification Programme (ECP). The exam covers the following competence domains:

  • Domain 1: Fundamental principles of quality management.
  • Domain 2: Understanding the high-level structure application on the QMS.
  • Domain 3: Understand, interpret and plan the ISO 9001 changes
  • Domain 4: Planning the QMS transition based on ISO 9001.
  • Domain 5: Understanding the difference between ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Domain 6: Continual improvement of a QMS based on ISO 9001.


Prepare for the exam

Candidates are responsible for their own study and preparation for the exam. No specific set of courses or curriculum of study is mandatory as part of the certification process. The completion of a recognized “PECB Certified ISO 9001:2015 Transition” course or program of study can significantly enhance your chance of passing a PECB certification examination.


How to Apply?

  • Candidates must complete the exam application form here.
  • Candidates will be required to register for a password-protected account where they can then create, manage, update, and submit their application.
  • Applicants can pay their application fees online and upload all required supporting documents to PECB. Applicants will also have the option of mailing the payment (via cheque) although this will result in delays of the application process.
  • Applicants will be able to select a date and location for their certification exam. PECB’s training schedule is available here.
  • You must register at least fourteen (14) days before the exam date.
  • The “PECB Certified ISO 9001:2015 Transition” exam is available in English only.


Take the exam

Candidates will be required to arrive at their chosen location at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the certification exam. Candidates arriving late will not be given additional time to compensate for the late arrival and if late more than 30 minutes after the beginning will not be allowed to enter the examination room. They will also be required to remain outside the examination room and to be given an individual briefing prior to being permitted to enter the examination room and commence the examination.

  • All candidates will need to present to the proctor one example of photo-id issued by a national, regional or state body, along with their exam confirmation letter.
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice, matching, fill in the blanks, and true/false questions.
  • The exam lasts 2 hours.
  • After the exam and application for certification
  • It may take up to 8 weeks for candidates to receive their exam results. All results are sent via email. The examination results will not include the exact grade that you had, only whether you passed or failed. In the case of a failure, the results will be accompanied with the list of domains in which you had a mark lower than the passing grade to provide guidance in preparing yourself to retake the exam.
  • Certification fees are included in the examination price.
  • A certificate will be issued to participants who successfully pass the exam and comply with all other requirements related to the selected level of credential.