EC-Council Network Security Administrator EC-Council’s

The course on EC-Council Network Security Administrator is planned to offer essential skills required to examine the external and internal security threats against a network. This course will help you in constructing security policies that will defend important information of organizations. Participants will learn how to estimate Internet and network security issues, and how to employ successful firewall strategies and security policies. Participants will also learn how to depict network and system vulnerabilities and shield against them.
Course Objectives
  • Comprehend Computer Network
  • Comprehend Protocol Analysis
  • Comprehend Harden Physical Security
  • Comprehend Intrusion Detection System
  • Comprehend Network Security
  • Comprehend Security Policy
  • Comprehend Security Standards Organizations
  • Comprehend Security Standards
  • Comprehend Firewalls
  • Comprehend IEEE Standards
  • Comprehend Threats of Network Security
  • Comprehend Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Comprehend Packet Filter and Proxy Servers
  • Comprehend Patch Management
  • Comprehend Honeypots and Bastion Host
  • Comprehend Network Protocols
  •  Harden the Operating Systems
  • Comprehend Remote Networking and Virtual Private Networks
  • Comprehend Wireless Network Security
  • Comprehend Disaster Planning and Recovery
Course Content /Exams
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