About Training Heights

Our company Training Heights Limited is a specialist training services provider with specific focus on delivering life and career transforming solutions to the teething needs of our clients.

We help individuals and organizations achieve their personal/business goals and objectives by giving them the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need and require to exceed the exceptions of their stakeholders.

We are proud to say more than 2000 participants have gone through various training courses with us and they have been exceedingly enriched with our unique approach to training and capacity development.

Our training courses guarantee optimal quality in all ramifications including raining environment, training materials, trainers & refreshments.

We provide 3 major classes of training courses.

  • Business Management Courses
  • IT Management Courses
  • IT Technical Courses

Our trainers are distinguished by 4 key characteristics their experience, qualification, expertise and professionalism.

We are accredited and validated by various institutions including Peoplecert, Axelos, PECB, ILM, ICS, Microsoft, (CMD), Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (CIML), Oracle and many others.

It will be our pleasure to host you on any of our training courses and we look forward to seeing you.


Training Heights Management